Friday, October 23, 2009

Contact Lenses

They are really adorable. Don't ya think? It makes you different than others, they're not really expensive. I think they're rm40 per pair. Get it now from

**I think I should have one, buy one for me please? *wink2*


Everyone loves colourful right? So, I have some affordable clothes for you :)

This clothes is kinda like rubic cube right? Have it for RM30 at

This cloth is kinda sweater-like, have it for RM33 at

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fashion for Girls (for those who are wearing tudung)

Hey, I know it's a lil hard to find suitable fashion for those who are wearing tudung. Here I have some fashion that may suits them :)

These are casual tunic from
It's kinda cheap than other blogshops, have them for rm28!
Gambar Yuna

wear those tunics with this kind of tudung, I think you will be more beautiful, not as colourful as the picture, just wear plain color.

for sexy girls only? NAH! you can wear this casual top with black plain long sleeves as the inner. Seriously, it's beautiful. Get it now from for RM27 :)

Actually, wearing tudung doesn't mean that you cannot style up yourself. There's a lots of fashion that suits you guys :)


RM30, wear it with black long sleeves

RM30, wear it with long sleeves too

All from

Hopefully, I've helped you a lot :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Clothes, accessories are the most important things to be a fashionable person. But sometimes, they're just not enough. Go and style up everything in your room including your notebook. I saw a blogshop that decorating notebooks for affordable price. They're cute though. So, check it out!

They're really adorable, get it for rm15 :D

This one is smaller notebook, they're just for rm12.

*for those blogshop's owner that wants me to promote their stuffs, email me at :)


I don't know why most of the girls don't like to wear bracelet and necklace. Actually, they're really cool and you really have to choose the right bracelet and necklace, otherwise you will look very unfashionable, you know what I mean right? So, I've some picture of bracelets and necklaces from some blogshops from the Internet. They are really cool and fashionable :)

Rm15.90 from

I think this one is not restockable so get it now!!

These are necklace from, they are very affordable, 2 for rm15, really affordable huh? :D

BC 0006
Gosh, this one is really pretty but they're kinda expensive to me, they are rm30 from :)

necklace for rm35, I think it's really worth it, from

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fashion Tips 1

(I found this pic at google image)

If you wanna go with your date, stop wearing this kind of shirt, no offence kayh but just stop it. Be more fashionable. A few weeks ago, I saw a couple wearing this kind of shirt, what were in your mind?

"If I lost my boyfriend, it's easier for me to find him, just ask have you seen anyone wearing the same t-shirt as mine" isn't it? HAHA, very funny.

If you wanna go out for a date, go for sweet.

Why don't you try wearing something sweet such as skirt or maybe blouse? Don't be too sexy, wear a long skirt, NOT short skirt. or maybe dress :)

This one is nice, it is just rm32, get it now from

another fashion tips for you, do not wear t-shirt when you're going out for date, be more sweet okay unless he's asking you to support him on a football match. It will be very okay I do not know how to describe it when you're wearing dress at the field. HAHAHAHA, lmao.

If you don't like wearing skirt, you can wear this kind of blouse, get it for rm29 from

and btw, go for sweeeeeeeet colours okay, no more black. yellow is the new black.

More fashion tips tomorrow, stay tune.

RM69, get it from

All Yours

This is my first post :) Hello world, better not to know me. I'm Dandelion, I'm just a girl who loves fashion and I just wanna share my fashion tips with others plus this blog will be my diary perhaps.